I am interested in the characteristics of fragility and resiliency in weeds. I find beauty in the quiet battle stories between invaders and natives engaged in a survival strategy. These are stories that are not always immediately apparent until one engages the tension between surface strength and surface weakness, exploring both in depth. The weed forms are delicate when seen individually, but gain power when they combine with other elements of nature such as wind or rain. Weeds gain very different identities depending on how we look at them. They can be hated and removed; they can be appreciated or neglected and left alone. The character of weeds resembles every aspect of conflict and survival in human society.
The layering in my work implies endless repetition of a long, intricate working process that evolves to best suit the unique emotional content of each piece. I use a wide variety of media and materials that lend themselves to translucent layering and reveal both depth and fragility. The beauty of new creation is elusive and exists in the invisible space between the layers. My images are the emblems of captured fleeting moments in the dynamic of human relationship and in nature.